I’m getting ready to go home for a month-long vacation before heading back here to Paris, and for some odd reason, there is nothing that makes me nostalgic for home like almost being there. In general, I adjust really well to other cultures and living abroad from home. However, after about eleven months, I’m ready to visit my family and get out of the big city. In my post last week, I talked about how the antique market gave me nostalgia. So since I know it is something everyone struggles with, I thought I would share how I deal with it.

So what do I do when I have a nostalgia that can’t be cured from thousands of miles away?

  1. Call a friend

If I can, I call an old friend or someone who knows where I’m coming from, someone who knows a little bit of my history. I realize that’s something that isn’t always possible, but talking to any friend helps. Friends whether or not they know much about your past, they do really care about you. Plus people in general can relate to nostalgia. Everyone misses a food, music, place, or another person. Everyone’s is a little bit different and your friend might not know the exact cause of your nostalgia, but they probably miss something too that you may or may not understand. Sometimes just the sound of someone’s voice and some company can take away those blues, and just talking and sharing is something that I always find helpful.


  1. Food

Now, I’m not saying that food can fix your problems (it can’t). I have made this mistake a lot in my past, but for me, cooking and baking are so therapeutic. I understand it makes some people want to tear their hair out and stress, but it is one of the few things I can do where I can tune out the world and just relax. If I’m missing a certain food, I can just try to recreate it; and at the end of a baking spree, I also have plenty of treats to invite a few friends to share. Use the food to have community with others instead of isolating yourself. I also love going out to eat with a friend to just have a little treat or just some coffee that I didn’t have to make.

  1. Spa Night

Something I’ve realized about when I’m must suffering from nostalgia is when I am just exhausted mentally or physically. Often when I am exhausted I tend to romanticize past seasons of life, making me very discontent with where I’m at; this leaves me longing for something that never truly was. My answer to this is to spend a night for some R&R. For my typical spa night at home, I light candles, drink tea, fix my eyebrows, do a face mask, take a long shower or a bath, and I make sure to put on a good layer of lotion. Even though it might not fix the nostalgia directly, being able to treat myself leaves me refreshed mentally and physically. Having a spa night I find really helps me when I am struggling with nostalgia, because I do all those healthy “me-time” things. This can look very differently based on what you like, so just do you! If I take a night to pamper myself, it reminds me of why I love where I am. I try to do this at least once every other week to keep good mental health.

  1. Listen to Music

Music is one of the greatest gifts in life. It helps cheer people up, motivate people, set an atmosphere, and just about whatever else you need it to do. I love music, whether I am listening to it or playing it. If you know how to play music, you can see how therapeutic it is, and if you don’t, enjoy the work of those who do. People create music to express themselves and to help others. It is one of my favorite forms of art. When I’m feeling down, I usually listen to calm music to allow my mind to think while creating a relaxing atmosphere. My go-to album is Sleeping at Last’s album Atlas: Year One. It is one of my all-time favorite calm albums. If I want something more upbeat, I’ve recently been going to Jaymes Young’s new album, Feel Something. If you have Spotify, you can always create a playlist or find a really good one that someone else has created. I have the premium, which means I have to pay every month, but there has not been a single moment when I thought it wasn’t worth it. I’m such a music junkie, and if you are too, I’d definitely recommend it. Plus Taylor Swift put her music back on there, so road trip albums are now complete.

  1. Embrace the Change

I find that the best cure to nostalgia is always realizing what you have with where you are at. That is what I always preach to my friends who moves or is missing their childhood. Yes, moving on can be hard, but there are so many great things to change. There are advantages and disadvantages to being older or in a new place. Stay positive and if you have to, fake it until you make it. Every day is a gift, don’t look back at where you’re at and just remember how much you were wishing for something else.





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