Saturday I got to go somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages, and I was so excited! I finally made it to the flea market! I love just walking around looking at all the random objects that people are selling and just thinking about what the history of these objects are.

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They have a map just for the whole market.

Paris has a few flea markets, but one of the most famous ones is in Saint-Ouen that is just outside Paris at the end of metro line 4. It really was only a 20-minute journey, but if I’m being really honest, sometimes going out on Saturday after a long week is the last thing I want to do. The only reason that I finally ended up going was because I was supposed to go with a friend. She ended up being sick and couldn’t come, but I had already mentally prepared myself for going and so I sucked it up and went.


I am so glad I did! It was beautiful. While walking through all the antiques it was like a huge wave of nostalgia rolled over me. Growing up, my mom used to drag me out of the house early on Saturday mornings to go to flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, and the farmer’s market. Now that I’m older, those are all things that I now love to do: partly because I’m an old soul and partly because I just have so many great memories tied with strolling through markets. So getting to go to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen was almost like a hug from home, even if it was very different from those casual Saturday mornings.

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Stunning Record Player

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is one of the largest markets that I’ve ever been to and it’s full of little alleys and crooks and crannies that I got lost so many times. The stand owner from the cutest antique shop, Mes Decouverts, even felt a little bad for me and gave me a map of the whole market. Walking around, you could find anything from 12,000-euro crystal chandeliers, knock-off Nike shoes, shampoo, to pots and pans, new and old. There really was a bit of everything in this market that lies in a culturally rich and diverse community. I feel like I saw people of every ethnicity while walking around, which was super cool since I can easily get caught into a bubble with my job being in the “upper class” section of society.


In the end, I only bought a little gift for one of my friends and a coke zero. However, it wasn’t because the lack of things I wanted, believe me; but because I’m moving soon, I just don’t want to have to buy more things to pack in storage when I go visit my family in the US. But after I move, I will definitely be back.


What about you guys? What was your typical Saturday morning growing up? What things do you do that cause nostalgia now?