This past weekend was my grandparent’s 56th wedding anniversary. Can you believe that?! My grandparents are pretty easily my favorite people on this planet (don’t worry, my mom knows this and agrees). Growing up these two helped me with everything, from sports, homework, to cooking and sewing. They even gave me my first car for my sixteenth birthday. I’ve grown up watching the two of them growing old together, and it has been one of the greatest joys in my life.

In this generation of people who are afraid of the full weight of commitment, I can’t imagine what it’s like to live 56 years together, and not have jumped ship or killed my spouse. I’m sure they’ve entertained the thought a couple times over the years, but watching them still together after all this time warms my heart every time. There are not enough words to express how wonderful these two are and the lives that they have touched over all those years. They are definitely a power-couple.

I hope to one day to have a marriage that lasts the tests of time and that I’ll be able to work hard enough to maintain a relationship. I hope that I will be able to have as much as grace and love that I’ve been able to watch these two have over the years. I’m so lucky to have had such great role models in my life. So Happy Anniversary you two, I love you both so much! Thank you for always being our biggest fans over the years.