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Sweet Tennessee

I don’t know about other people, but going home is never on the top of my list of things I enjoy doing. I have nothing against going home, but I think when I’m visiting there’s a part of my brain... Continue Reading →


After a nice, long break, I'm back! I hope that the last part of your summer has been going wonderfully. Mine has been with major highs and major lows, but overall it has been good. This last bit I feel... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! Sorry this post is a day late. Coming back to the States has been so busy, and I feel like the past week I have been just running around like a crazy person. As soon as I got... Continue Reading →


Right now I am sitting in the airport getting ready to leave Paris for a month. Although  am very excited to see my friends and family, I'm feeling way too over-attached to Paris for someone who is only going to... Continue Reading →


I’m getting ready to go home for a month-long vacation before heading back here to Paris, and for some odd reason, there is nothing that makes me nostalgic for home like almost being there. In general, I adjust really well... Continue Reading →

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

Saturday I got to go somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages, and I was so excited! I finally made it to the flea market! I love just walking around looking at all the random objects that people are selling... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Six Years

This past weekend was my grandparent's 56th wedding anniversary. Can you believe that?! My grandparents are pretty easily my favorite people on this planet (don't worry, my mom knows this and agrees). Growing up these two helped me with everything,... Continue Reading →

The Two-Minute Rule

What do you find hard to get yourself to start doing, but then after starting you enjoy? For me, I find that doing my laundry, ironing, and running are two things that I have to force myself to start, but... Continue Reading →

Oops I Did it Again

I don't really know how to start off this, so I'm just going to come out and say that... I'm staying in Paris next year! I am so excited that this won't be just a one-year gig, but instead that... Continue Reading →

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